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Seamless Global Expansion Through Successful Domain Migration

Client Background:
Our client, formerly recognized for their Indian stock market game app, aimed to transition into a global player. The platform offered an immersive experience for introducing individuals to financial markets. This fantasy crypto & stock market game facilitated real-time trading competitions, providing a platform for beginner traders to showcase their skills and earn real cash prizes.

The client planned a strategic shift from an Indian market focus to a global audience. To achieve this, a crucial step was migrating the website from a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) to a .app top-level domain. This initiative served dual purposes – supporting business expansion and rebranding efforts. Simultaneously, the client aimed to enhance user experience by launching progressive web apps for desktops and mobiles.

The transition presented challenges regarding effective communication with the development team and potential traffic and ranking drops during the migration. To address these, meticulous planning and execution were imperative.

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