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Marketing Management Overview: Definitions, Disciplines, Types, & Challenges

Good marketing management can help your team execute efficiently and effectively. On the other side, poor marketing management could lead your marketers astray from the path toward your goals.

The following is a complete guide to marketing management to help you and your team understand and succeed at this discipline.

Marketing exists to drive profitable customer action through product and market research, pricing analysis, distribution, and promotion activities. Marketing primarily focuses on creating relevant and beneficial experiences to promote a business’s products to its ideal target audience.

What Is Marketing Management?
Marketing management is the practical application of resources, operations, programs, campaigns, projects, work, and assets that align all marketing activities and experiences with strategic business objectives.

Marketing management encompasses various marketing disciplines, from defining your company’s goals to organizing every plan, to the final execution of your strategy.

Philip Kotler and Keven Lane Keller define marketing management in their book, aptly titled Marketing Management, as “the development, design, and implementation of marketing programs, processes, and activities that recognize the breadth and interdependencies of the business environment.”

Why Is Marketing Management Important?

Look at any business that has achieved success and upon a deep study, you will realize how proper marketing management strategies aided that success. As a market manager, you must recognize the vitality of aligning your business goals to your budget and then working on your marketing plans accordingly. It also enables you to focus better on your objectives and work together with your team as a coherent unit.

A capable marketing management team can easily overpower competition in the market and stand undefeated. The key, of course, lies in realizing your consumer’s needs and using their words to attract other potential consumers. Properly utilizing your market research will help you easily attract more new consumers.

Marketing management also helps you to use your resources effectively. Your business needs to focus on the opportunities at hand and make the most of them with the help of your resources. But alongside that, make sure to also pay heed to the relatively small details of your marketing plans!

Efficient and experienced marketing management teams with people of varying and valuable skill sets can help businesses prosper and grow. Further, you can push up your marketing management and get your work done faster by using the right marketing tools.

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