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Cutting-edge web development and SEO services

Customer experiences matter, and so does the first impression. That is why ALAN uses state-of-the-art technology to provide its customers with extraordinary web design and development services to enhance user experience, which, in turn, leads to effective ranking and conversions. Customer engagement plays a crucial role in the sales-to-profits process, and therefore your interface must be captivating enough for the user to stay on your website for prolonged periods. Besides, a superior interface speaks volumes about the company where the user's perspective is trained on the value of your investments.

ALAN also provides progressive SEO or Search Engine Optimization services to fortify your company’s digital presence. We drive both quality and quantity to your website while emphasizing on the exposure of your brand. With almost the entire world living out of mobile services, responsiveness is a pivotal factor for garnering the right audience. We keep your business visible, and searchable through well-developed SEO strategies both on-page and off-page.

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Why Web


Google receives at least 84,500 searches per second. Visibility and ranking are two of the most important aspects of search engine optimization results. To ensure your online presence, you must first, ‘get found online’ which is where SEO strategies must be applied. ALAN’s expert marketers know how Google works or any search engine for that matter and also understand that every business is unique. Using smart and intelligent strategies, we customize a digital plan specifically meant for your organizational needs. We align search engine algorithms, and their known variables in accordance with your website to achieve precisely optimized results.

We do not just provide your business with a rank. We also maintain it. Trusted by some of the top brands to derive first page results, ALAN provides leading SEO services to give your business the attention it deserves.

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Custom Web application development

Increase interaction between you and your clients and build professional, successful business relationships across your processes with ALAN’s customized web application development services. Customers, today, are always looking for fast, seamless services that can provide them with quick and precise answers. This is possible only when your backed is sterile, robust and incorporates an application that can handle the movement of information smoothly across different levels. While using the latest in technologies, we combine dynamic websites with server-side programming that provide functionalities such as user interaction, the connection of back-end databases, and report generation.

ALAN is a leading web hosting company that helps clients develop secure and salable web applications without worrying about the complexity or size of the project. Our experts constantly strive to generate business value by ensuring quick turnaround times and overall cost optimizations. Tailored e-services Saudi Arabia are successfully delivered by utilizing strong development models such as agile, iterative development, rapid application development and custom application development to significantly improve the quality of the output.

For leading custom web application development, call ALAN, Saudi Arabia, today.

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Responsive Web Design

With more than half the world population functioning out of their mobiles, most of them expect a web page to load in, say 2 seconds or less. Companies also possess the potential to increase their sales by designing responsive platforms meant for handheld devices. You must also know that 40% of the people, when they do not visualize responsiveness on their mobiles, actually switch over to other sites.

Do not lose out on this wide new customer base – use ALAN’s website development services to make your website responsive today. Use ALAN’s expertise and experience in creating responsive web design services so that your data is accessible across multiple devices and different operating systems. Make the most of captivating web layouts, customized layouts and content offered by us to grow your organization. Our professionals can turn static websites into beautiful designs with fluid graphics and images to impress your clients.

Reach out to ALAN, the top web design company, to develop some of the most remarkable responsive web designs to boost your potential clients and conversions.

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UX/UI Design

Win your customers’ confidence instantly with intuitive and innovative UI/UX designs provided by ALAN’s experts. Our strategies improve customer satisfaction, user experience and help increase the number of users visiting your website. Fulfill users’ requirements, create positive experiences, and define your customers’ journeys – these are activities that are extremely conducive to the success of a business. Our team of visual design artists and information architects analyze both the micro and the macro views of your business to build your brand value, crafting groundbreaking design experiences.

ALAN makes UX/UI work for you by creating successful and useful designs while anticipating user needs. Leverage our services to gain competitive advantage and overtake all key differentiators to attract new customers while retaining your existing base. Your consistent and futuristic investment in a beautiful and predictive design, enhances existing users’ confidence leading to productivity improvements thus creating apparent and substantial financial impact.

Build your business towards a consistent and better future. ALAN’s digital experts are at your service! Call us now!

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CMS Services

Two of the most important things that draw customers to your website are real-time information and well-presented content. But content must be managed based on various web properties to draw visitors and promulgate your business online. Which means with or without the involvement of technical resources you should be able to create, edit and publish or build landing pages for your online marketing activities. For this, you need a good content management system that will surmount the potential hurdles of web communications.

Without compromising on the layout and design of a website, ALAN implements CMS services to simplify site maintenance, ensure consistent corporate branding, control information overload, accelerate ROIs and bolster usability. Our experts are adept at using the most contemporary systems such as WordPress, Kentico, Joomla, Mambo, Typo3, DotNetNuke and much more to fashion dynamic and robust applications across community portals, blog sites, RSS feeds, corporate websites, E-Magazines, commerce websites and much more.

Call ALAN, Saudi Arabia, for all your document management and CMS services.

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Ecommerce Solutions

Did you know that 95% of all purchases will be through e-commerce by 2040? In fact, e-commerce solutions have seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Even more, the share of m-commerce is bound to see a leap of at least 73% soon. Digital buyers account for almost a quarter of the world’s population. It is the power of unbiased decision-making, transparency and ease of transactions that are driving consumers to shop online. However, a great e-commerce site must integrate the best of online retail shopping inclusive of checkout systems and payment gateways that are integral for a fully functional online business.

Experts at ALAN provide future-ready e-commerce solutions that can increase your customer base exponentially. We ensure that your customers have an engaging online shopping Saudi Arabia experience and even provide recommendations depending on their choices. Brand awareness is improved as we include premium hassle-free shopping, including clear cart and pricing facilities. Receive orders and payments digitally, trigger and track back-end logistics in real time. With in-built rapid response times, and expert cause analytics, your business is ensured of providing quality service all the time.

ALAN is a premier eCommerce websites builder, who are just a call away! Dial us for more information.

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